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Sl. No Services Speed Download Post UsageNight PlanValidity Rate **
1SpeedPro_204 Mbps20 GB256 Kbps2Mbps30 Days650
2SpeedPro_404 Mbps40 GB256 Kbps2Mbps30 Days1050
3SpeedPro_606 Mbps 60 GB256 Kbps2Mbps30 Days1850
4SpeedPro_806 Mbps 80 GB256 Kbps2Mbps30 Days2250
5SpeedPro_1208 Mbps 120 GB1Mbps8Mbps30 Days3650
6SpeedPro_1508 Mbps 150 GB2Mbps8Mbps30 Days4200
7SpeedPro_20020 Mbps 200 GB2Mbps20Mbps30 Days5500


Sl. No Services Total Speed Download Validity Night PlanRate **
1Business -1024 1 Mbps UL 30 Days 5Mbps1300
2Business -2048 2 Mbps UL 30 Days 8Mbps2100
3Business -3072 3 Mbps UL 30 Days 10Mbps3050
4Business -40964 MbpsUL 30 Days 10Mbps4000



Terms & conditions
** All Plan Prices are including Tax
1. The download speed may very depending upon the application used.
2. Plan changes are subjected to change without prior notice.
3. Registration installation fee is non refundable.
4. Force Majuere: Standard Force Majuere Clause will be applicable.
5. Night plan started from 00:00am to 05:00am
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